Our mission is to help interesting people and great businesses do more and go further.

We're here to help, with your business, or your life. We don't measure your value in dollars, citations or six minute increments. Our clients are people, and so are we.

We provide advice to innovative, clever and otherwise fantastic people and invest in long term relationships.


We work with innovators in a number of different industries, and all kinds of great people. We can help you solve a wide range of problems, from the very specific to the very significant. 

We have expertise in the technology, corporate and commercial space, and a few related fields like intellectual property and employment.


You might be a bootstrapped start-up or established innovator, or perhaps you're a brick and mortar business looking to dip your toe into online.

We can help you prepare to take investment, establish your business, or balance (or re-balance) rights between shareholders.

You might need us to prepare terms and conditions, or ensure your compliance with privacy and cybersecurity obligations or advise on outsourcing, development or licencing.


If you're in business, either for yourself, or as a part of a bigger movement, commercial law governs your work. 

We can help with the preparation, review, and negotiate of contracts of all kinds, from terms and conditions, or policies and procurement to leases, sales of business and franchising. 

If you need to secure a debt, reconsider financing, or implement protections for personal property securities’ registration, we can help with that too.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property is the backbone of any business, and if you're doing something smart, exciting or innovative, it's probably important to you.

Perhaps you've got a trade mark to register, renew or object to. Maybe you're restructuring, hiring new creative talent, or building the next Facebook. 

If you're licensing your art or tech to the world at large, to a select few, or fighting to protect your innovations, we can help with that too. 



Unique businesses requires unique structuring and corporate governance advice to support innovative work, and creative deal making. 

Takeovers, mergers, joint ventures, capital raisings and trust structuring can be time consuming and complex - after all, each deal is unique.

Genuine experience, a bit of lateral thinking and a deep understanding of your business can save everyone involved time and money.


Employment and workplace law is often unique and confusing, complicated by layered federal and state laws and regulations.

It's not always clear where a contract ends, an award starts and how company policy fits in the middle.

Sometimes, you just need to pick up the phone and get a straight answer; that's where we can help. 



Dispute Resolution

A distraction on a good day, disputes are unfortunately an inevitable part of doing business.

From the High Court to "Small Claims", we understand that a you want to focus on resolving issues and getting on with your life and your work. 

If you're chasing a debt, defending a claim or seeking redress, we work hard, and with the best counsel, to ensure that your disputes are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

Richard Prangell, LLB (Honours)

Richard is a corporate and commercial lawyer, based in Sydney, Australia.

The founder of Viridian Lawyers, Richard completed a Bachelor of Laws with Honours at the University of Technology, Sydney. 

Richard is deeply immersed in the online and technology industries in Australia, and specialises in corporate, commercial and intellectual property law. Richard is presently the Chair of the Communications, Entertainment and Technology Law Committee with NSW Young Lawyers.

Richard commenced his career at Norton Rose Fulbright, a top tier international legal practice, and has since worked with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the Australian national corporate regulator, and Kreisson Legal, a boutique commercial law firm in Sydney. 

Richard is a member and/or contributor to the:

  • International Games Developers Association;
  • Australian Retailers Association;
  • Young Lawyers Communications, Entertainment and Technology Committee
  • Electronic Frontiers Association;
  • National Online Retailers Association;
  • Communication and Media Law Association;



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